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   Detonation initiated at the junction        A 40 kg FG warhead has been test          Thermobaric Warheads
box is transferred to multi points on       evaluated both in static as well as in
the warhead periphery through ETLs.         flight condition and it has performed       Thermobaric warheads contain
Warhead is initiated at all the points      as per expectations. As it is pertinent  fuel rich explosive composition
simultaneously to give directionality.      that the line of fire of a forward       called thermobaric explosive. As
There are multiple lines of initiation      firing warhead needs to be directed      the name implies, this composition
on the warhead periphery. According         towards the target, a Pyro-Based         on detonation produces blast
to the endgame requirements,                Orientation Mechanism (PBOM) has         overpressure as well as heat energy
required line is chosen and initiated       been developed which provides one        lasting for a few 100s of milliseconds.
so that maximum energy is directed          axis gimbal (Azimuth gimbal) of          These warheads are used against
towards the target.                         the warhead. It is a piston-cylinder     soft targets like personnel in
                                            based system powered by the hot          open and concrete protected
   Directional warhead thus                 gases generated on initiation of pyro-   targets. Thermobaric explosive
configured for underwater                   cartridges. It is capable of orienting   compositions contains metallic fuel
applications enhances blast                 the fragmenting face of warhead in       in excess generally fine aluminium.
overpressure by 40 per cent as              three fixed positions within a few       Post detonation reaction of this
compared to conventional point              milliseconds.                            aluminium with atmospheric oxygen
initiated warhead. Along the same                                                    is exothermic in nature and produces
lines of directional blast warhead,           80 kg FG Warhead for endo-atmospheric  large amount of heat energy.
the concept has been successfully
adapted in the case of a fragmentation                                                  The laboratory has designed
warhead. Twenty per cent increase in                                                 various warheads and tank
fragment velocity has been obtained                                                  ammunition based on thermobaric
in this design as compared to an omni                                                composition developed by HEMRL.
-directional warhead.                                                                Effectiveness of these warheads has
                                                                                     been tested against various simulated

                                                    Pressure history of High Explosive (HE) and
                                                      Thermobaric Explosive (TBE) detonations

40 kg FG Warhead for exo-                             p2                   TBE vs. HE :
atmospheric interception                                                -Lower peak pressure
                                                                        -Longer pulse duration
Fragment Generator Warheads                 pressure       p1
                                                    ambiant    Thermobaric Explosive (TBE)
   Fragment Generator (FG) warhead                                                 High Explosive (HE)
is a kind of forward firing warhead
wherein premade fragments are                                  t1 t2 t3 t4           t5
arranged on one face of the warhead                                       Time
which is backed by suitable thickness
of high explosive and is initiated
from the opposite end. These type of
warheads are commonly employed
against targets such as tactical ballistic
missiles where total structural kill is
required and to achieve it, a highly
dense fragment cloud is needed.

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