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Current Developments

   The requirements of modern             There are different
weapon systems are high accuracy          methods to achieve
and enhanced lethality, while causing     directionality. The
minimum collateral damage. This           laboratory      has
has opened up a great challenge to        developed directional
weapon designers. Warhead designers       warheads for various
face severe mass and volume               applications. Some of
constraints, with a need to configure     the developments in
the warhead in a compact space and        the field of directional
at the same time performance aspects      warheads are :
are not compromised. To achieve this,
designers are looking at directional      Detonation Wave           Directional blast warhead configuration
warheads and high performance             Aiming Warheads
warhead systems. Better explosive
compositions having high specific            The laboratory has                   Initiation System (MPIS). MPIS
energy are being experimented.            configured a 50 kg directional blast    consists of equal length Explosive
                                          warhead for underwater applications.    Transfer Lines (ETLs) and a junction
Directional Warheads                      This concept involves initiating the    box where these ETLs are terminated
                                          warhead eccentrically along a line on   at a single point.
   Blast and fragmentation effects of a   the periphery in such a way that more
point initiated conventional warhead      explosive energy is directed towards
are isotropic in nature around point      one side.
of burst. In such a scenario, the sector
in which the target lies receives only       Multiple lines of initiators are
a proportionate share of such effects     provided on the periphery so that
and the remainder is wasted without       desired line can be initiated based on
producing any appreciable effect          the end game requirements. This is
on the target. Directional warhead        based on the principles of detonation
involves altering the detonation wave     wave aiming towards the intended
in such a way that more explosive         direction.
energy is directed towards the target
as compared to other sides, thereby          Critical subsystem of a directional
enhancing the effectiveness of the        warhead in which detonation
warhead.                                  geometry is altered is a Multipoint

                                                                                  Compact MPIS

Concept of directional blast                                                      50 kg Directional warhead

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