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related to the vehicle platform were also   instrumented to obtain key vehicle             The other link has a higher throughput
present.                                    parameters such as fuel level, engine      and is for the transfer of high resolution
                                            temperature, etc. which are displayed on   video from the UGV to the operator
    The vehicle driving system was studied  the operator console unit.                 console unit. The operational range of
thoroughly by measuring the forces                                                     both the communications links is five km
needed at the driver’s controls of the          The vision system consisted of four    Line-of-Sight (LOS).
vehicle. Based on these measurements,       colour cameras, three in front and one at
the EMAs for the accelerator pedal, brake   the back of the UGV.                           The UGV is tele-operated from an
pedal, clutch pedal, steering bar and                                                  ergonomically designed operator console
gear shift were designed, developed and         These cameras are essential to         unit. The unit replicates the look and feel
integrated in the vehicle.                  give visual information of the UGV’s       of directly driving the NAMICA, with a
                                            surroundings to the operator. These        set of driving controls and a dual screen
    The EMAs are based on BLDC              IP cameras route the video to the base     display unit. One of the display screens
motors with the required gear boxes and     station through an ethernet switch and     display the video streamed from the UGV,
the mechanical linkages. Closed loop        communication radios.                      while the other screen displays various
feedback was implemented to ensure                                                     vehicle health parameters. The operator
accuracy of the final positioning of the        The communication system consists      console also has an attached retractable
driving controls. A dedicated NI based      of two wireless links, implemented using   mast of height five meter, for mounting
controller (with LabView programming)       rugged radios. One is a low throughput     the communication antennae.
was used to control these EMAs.             link for the transfer of commands and
                                            data between the UGV and the operator          This work has enabled CVRDE to
    Further, the driver’s panel was also    console unit.

                               DBW System in tele-operated BMP-II Prototype

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