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              Salient Features of the Base Station                                     being converted into an UGV.
                                                                                           CVRDE designed and developed
Enclosure            Cabinet with 19” rack
                                                                                       all the major modules and sub-systems
                     17” display                                                       essential for converting this BMP-II based
                                                                                       vehicle into a tele-operated UGV. The
Display              Resolution : 1024 x 1024 @ 50 fps                                 major sub-systems developed for this
Operator console     GUI: Display of video, vehicle health parameters, obstacle map    prototype are the DBW system, wireless
Communication links  Two rugged, single-axis joy sticks                                communication system, video camera
                     Switches for power on, engine starting, camera control            based perception system and an operator
                     Emergency stop switch                                             console unit.
                     Status indicator LEDs
                     Digital wireless links                                                The DBW module enables all the
                     Frequency: ISM (2.4 GHz); Range: 5 km LOS                         driver’s controls such as brake, steering,
                     No. of links: 02; Throughput: 5 Mbps                              acceleration, clutch, gear shifting,
                                                                                       etc., to be controlled through Electro-
Power supply         Two 12 V, 75 Ah batteries with charger                            Mechanical Actuators (EMA). The design
                     Mission duration : 04 h                                           and development of the DBW for this
                                                                                       vehicle presented various challenges.
                                                                                       This included different types of driving
                                                                                       controls requiring higher forces for the
                                                                                       actuation, issues related to actuation
                                                                                       timing, integration and operation of some
                                                                                       actuators within the engine compartment,
                                                                                       restricted space availability in the driver’s
                                                                                       and engine compartment, etc.

                                                                                           As the vehicle was already near the
                                                                                       end of its useful life, inherent difficulties

                     Base station for Tele-operated ATV

Tele-operation of BMP-II                to scale up the technology to a heavier        Prototype UGV based on Nag Missile
         Prototype                      class of tracked vehicle. Accordingly, a                   Carrier ( NAMICA)
                                        UGV prototype based on the BMP-II
    After the successful completion of  (NAMICA) tracked vehicle was decided
tele-operation of ATV, it was decided   to be developed. This was a challenging
                                        work, as this is the first time in India that
                                        a tracked vehicle of this weight class was

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