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    To ensure the safe operating conditions  Salient Features of the Tele-operated BD50 Dozer
of the UGV, CVRDE had also developed a
Fail Safe Module (FSM), which detects a      Vehicle platform         BD50 Bulldozer of M/s BEML
number of emergency/critical conditions
and automatically takes appropriate          Vehicle weight           10 ton
                                             Engine power             90 hp
    The FSM was also successfully
integrated and tested in the Honda CRV       Operating conditions     All weather, day and night
vehicle platform.
                                             Mission                  Unmanned earth moving and snow clearance
   Tele-operated Dozer
                                             Communication links      Two wireless communication links (for video and
    In September 2017, CVRDE has                                      Cmd/Data)
undertaken a mission mode project for
the development of a tele-operated BD50      Range of tele-operation  500 m LOS
Dozer, based on the specific requirements
of the Indian Army. The objective is to      Perception system        Colour cameras on pan/tilt platforms
save precious human lives during the
landslide and snow clearance operations      Dozer driving control    Implemented through EMAs
carried out by the Army at hazardous high
altitude locations.                          Operator console         Portable handheld unit

                                             Fail-safe mechanism      Yes, to ensure safety of the Dozer in narrow hilly

                                             Software framework       ROS over Linux

BD50 during snow clearance at Zojila Pass, Kashmir                    Angling of dozer blade for snow clearance

Future : Development of an Unmanned Combat
                  Ground Vehicle

    The Unmanned Combat Ground               generate force-multiplier effects. It is     phases. The first two phases will develop
Vehicle (UCGV) is an unmanned                projected that in the immediate future, the  a UCGV on the existing BMP-II tracked
ground vehicle with a suite of remotely      role of humans will be greatly reduced in    vehicles. The weapons systems shall
operated weapons (current international      the war front and the actual fighting will   include a Remote Controlled Weapons
conventions do not permit the use of         be done by UCGVs and similar machines.       Station (RCWS), a soft kill Active
autonomous weapons, even though                                                           Protection System (APS) and a medium
the technology is readily available).            As a proactive measure, CVRDE has        power Directed Energy Weapon (DEW)
The deployment of UCGVs will greatly         drawn up future plans for the design         system. A new high speed tracked vehicle
enhance the battlefield effectiveness and    and development of a tracked UCGV            platform shall be specifically developed
                                             in a progressive manner through three

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