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Detection and tracking of various targets during the CISF user trials

International Collaboration for Development of Technologies
                         for Autonomous UGV

    India and Singapore entered into an      of the SUV platform at high speeds. The      improved by CVRDE. The throttle EMA
international collaboration during 2006 to   improvements of the phase-I modules and      was eliminated by directly controlling the
jointly establish the enabling technologies  the incorporation of a fail-safe module for  electronic throttle control of the engine
for Autonomous Unmanned Ground               more safety was also implemented during      through the ECU. The other controls such
Vehicles (AUGV). DRDO and Defence            the second phase.                            as brake and parking brake were realised
Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) of                                                     using a push-pull cable mechanism driven
Singapore are the collaborating agencies         CVRDE has developed the Vehicle          by the BLDC motors.
of the two countries.                        Actuation Module (VAM) for both
                                             Phase-I and Phase-II of the project. The         The gear shift and steering were
    The collaboration was carried out        VAM module consists of actuators for         directly controlled through gears driven
in two phases. In the first phase, both      steering, brake, accelerator, parking brake  by a BLDC motor.
countries developed the enabling             and gear shifting and a motion controller.
technologies for the tele-operation of a     In Phase-I, the design of VAM was based          These improvements resulted in better
Honda CRV vehicle platform, viz., vehicle    on wire and pulley mechanism, with an        control, handling characteristics and
actuation module, operator’s console         electric motor driving the pulley and        response time of the vehicle platform
unit and communication protocol.             having a position feedback through an        during tele-operation. Another additional
In the second phase which started in         encoder.                                     improvement was the use of open source
2014, both the countries focused on                                                       hardware and software resources. The
establishing the necessary systems and           The Phase-I demonstration was given      tele-operation of the Honda CRV vehicle
modules for the autonomous navigation        to the Singapore team during 2010.           was successfully demonstrated by CVRDE
                                             In Phase-II, the design was radically        during June 2017 at VRDE.

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