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Demonstration and User                    400 hp ECPP during integration and trials  used by the CISF 24x7 for the surveillance
        Field Trials                      May 2015. The requirements of the CAPF/    of sea shore and sea based targets. Various
                                          MHA in the domains of surveillance         targets on the sea were detected and
    The MUNTRA-S and MUNTRA-B             and mine/IED detection were discussed      tracked by the CISF upto a range of 18
were demonstrated during the prestigious  during the demonstration.                  km during this user trial. At the end of the
Defence Expo-2012 at New Delhi.                                                      trial, the MHA/CISF has stated that the
Various dignitaries and other eminent         Based on the requirements of the       USS is extremely useful for them and is
visitors appreciated the concept and the  CAPF/MHA, an extensive six months          very effective for surveillance of large areas
implementation of UGVs. As a spin-        user trials were carried out by the MHA    with minimum manpower requirements.
off effort, in association with the Dte   to assess the suitability of the Unmanned  Based on the user requirements, CVRDE
of LIC (DRDO HQ), a demonstration         Surveillance System (USS) for coastal      has also mounted the USS on a movable
of the capabilities of MUNTRA-S and       surveillance applications. This intensive  trolley for easy and quick deployment.
MUNTRA-M were given to the Central        user trial was conducted by the Central    Further follow-up is being taken up with
Armed Police Forces (CAPF) under the      Industrial Security Force (CISF) at the    the MHA through the Dte of LIC in this
Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) during     Chennai Port Trust (ChPT) from 01          regard.
                                          August 2016 to 30 January 2017. During
                                          the user trial, the USS was extensively

MUNTRA-S and MUNTRA-B at the              Demonstration of MUNTRA-M and              Demonstration of MUNTRA-M to MHA/
           Defence Expo-2012                   MUNTRA-S to CAPF/MHA                                         CAPF

Demonstration of MUNTRA-S to MHA/         Deployment of MUNTRA-S for demo at         Deployment of the surveillance sensor
                      CAPF                             Chennai Port Trust                  suite for coastal surveillance

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