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                 Salient Features of the Unmanned Surveillance System

Surveillance area                    Elevation : + 150 to - 450; Azimuth: n x ± 3600; Range: 60 m to 18 km

Operating conditions                 All weather, day and night

Mounting                             Any vehicle or stand alone

Surveillance in RF spectrum          BFSR-SR

Data from target                     Range, speed, heading, lat/long, size

Types of land targets                Crawling man, walking man, group of men, light and heavy vehicles, group of

Types of sea targets                 Skiffs, small boats, small ships, large ships

Simultaneous detection               99 targets

Target classification                Manual and automatic

Surveillance in visual spectrum      CCD colour video camera, range 6 km

Surveillance in IR spectrum          Cooled thermal imager, range 4 km

Target ranging                       Eye safe Laser Range Finder (LRF), range 10 km

Special feature                      Inter lock of EO to radar EO, for visual confirmation of radar targets

Surveillance mast                    Lightweight, telescopic, retractable mast, 8 m

Connectivity                         Wireless/ethernet/FO

Software framework                   JAUS over Linux

NBC Reconnaissance

    This payload is implemented
on the MUNTRA-N UGV, which
is meant for unmanned NBC
reconnaissance operations. The
NBC reconnaissance payload is
mounted on the MUNTRA-N
and is teleoperated from the
base vehicle MUNTRA-B, and is
intended to carry out unmanned
reconnaissance missions in NBC
contaminated areas. The primary
NBC detectors are the nuclear
radiation detector, a Chemical
Warfare Agent/Toxic Industrial
Chemical (CWA/TIC) detector and
a Biological Agent (BA) detector.

    The full range of the collected
NBC data is transmitted to the
base vehicle MUNTRA-B, where
it is displayed for the information
of the operator. The MUNTRA-N
was successfully trial evaluated at
MFFR during summer of 2014.

                                                 MUNTRA-N during desert trial at MFFR during 2014

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