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VTSDue¨yckWthhQ¨ndloFloocguys            System configuration of the MUNTRA project

     Project MUNTRA

    CVRDE took up the prestigious
UGV project ‘Conversion of BMP-II into
Tele-operated and Autonomous Vehicle’
during 2007. The project was subsequently
named as Mission UNmanned TRAcked
(project “MUNTRA”). The objective of
this project was to convert three BMP-
II class of tracked amphibious vehicles
into teleoperated/autonomous UGV
platforms and to implement payloads
for unmanned missions of surveillance,
NBC reconnaissance and mine
detection/marking missions. The system
configuration consists of three UGVs (one
for each of the payload missions) and one
base vehicle. The developed UGVs are
named as MUNTRA-S for unmanned
surveillance missions, MUNTRA-N for
unmanned NBC reconnaissance missions
and MUNTRA-M for unmanned mine
detection/marking missions. The base
vehicle is MUNTRA-B, from which the
UGVs are teleoperated through wireless
communication links.

Base vehicle MUNTRA-B and its internal configuration

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