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 Sample Mounting Machine

   The mounting machine is fully
automatic and programmable to mount
small samples to facilitate subsequent
polishing procedures. It is simple, robust
and vital equipment for metallography
and sample preparation.
◊	 Maximum temperature: 200 °C
◊	 Mount sizes: Ø 26 mm, 28 mm,

   32 mm and 50 mm respectively

 Automatic Dual Disc             Portable Residual                      Muffle Furnace
   Sample Polishing               Stress Analyser
                                                                      This furnace was primarily
   With automation, this         Imported,  computer-              meant for inhouse R&D
machine is capable of polishing  controlled, fully automatic and   activities and small-scale heat-
eight samples of Ø 26 mm in      portable equipment used for       treatment operations.
one go. An attached magnetic     measuring surface and sub-
stirrer ensures uniform          surface residual stresses in a       However, owing to its high
suspension of powdered           material.                         temperature capabilities, the
Alumina used for lapping.                                          muffle furnace often serves to
                                    The equipment is based on      various projects in their routine
◊	 Polishing disc: Ø 200 mm      the principle of Bragg’s law      activities.
                                 of diffraction and evaluates      ◊	 Temperature: RT-1200 °C
◊	 RPM of disc: 50–800 RPM       changes in the inter-planar       ◊	 Maximum heating rate:
                                 spacing of specimen’s crystal
◊	 RPM of specimen-holding       lattice due to inherent stresses     10 °C/min
   head: 60 RPM                  in the material.                  â—Š	 Chamber size:

                                                                      350X350X350 (mm)

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