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    Electric Arc Re-melt

   This equipment is utilised to
prepare samples for spectrometers
out of drillings, chips, turnings,
pins and wires. The re-melt furnace
has a pre-installed vacuum pump
to avoid contamination of melt.
Violence in generated arc creates
turbulence and stirring of melt
delivering homogenous sample.
It has versatility in re-melting all
ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and
provision of cooling of crucible
through re-circulating DM water.
â—Š	 Heat source: Electric arc

   between W-anode and raw-
   material cathode
â—Š	 Maximum temperature:
   1900 °C
â—Š	 Purging media: 99.96 % pure

 Direct Reading Optical
Emission Spectrometer

   This equipment boasts of
accurate and reliable analytical
performance with high sensitivity
to even low Carbon and Nitrogen
alloy grades. In-built vacuum
optics reduces contamination and
Argon consumption.
◊	 Wavelength range: 130 mm–

   800 nm using high resolution
   multi-CCD optics
â—Š	 Specimen size: Surface area
   of 1 mm2 onwards
â—Š	 Other features: High energy
   pre-spark, digital plasma
   generator, Argon purge

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