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                                                                     FocusVSDu¨ykWth Q¨dl

                     Facilities Available

  Optical Emission                   Optical Emission                     Portable x-ray
Spectrometer (DV–4)                Spectrometer (DV–6)               Fluorescence Analyser

   DV-4 spectrometer model            High Energy Pre-burn Spark        This equipment is based
was procured way back in 1987      (HEPS) system of this model       on energy dispersive x-ray
and upgraded to MC-20 read-        homogenises the sample, leading   fluorescence principle. In
out system in 2009. Further, in    to accuracy comparable to x-ray   addition to being portable, it is
2012, it was upgraded with extra   spectroscopic techniques. DV-6    weather-proof and dust-proof.
elemental channels of Niobium      spectrometer has versatility in   Fast and precise non-destructive
and Titanium to facilitate         analysis of diverse ferrous and   identification of individual
analysis of PH-steels and Ti-base  non-ferrous alloys.               elements in diverse ferrous and
alloys.                                                              non-ferrous alloys is however
                                      In 2013, this spectrometer     limited to only heavier metals
   The DV-4 spectrometer has       was upgraded with latest          as trace elements cannot be
an incorporated optics module      version of analysis software      detected.
with greatest sensitivity to even  and re-calibrated for Iron (Fe),  â—Š	 Excitation source: x-ray
trace elements like Carbon (C),    Aluminium (Al), Copper (Cu),
Sulpher (S), Lead (Pb), Boron      Titanium (Ti), Nickel (Ni) base      tube, W-anode, 10-40 KeV,
(B), Stannum (Sn) and Potassium    alloys.                              5-80µA, five-filter positions
(K).                               â—Š	 Excitation source: HR-400      â—Š	 Detector source: Si PIN
â—Š	 Excitation source: KH-3                                              diode, thermo-electrically
                                      with MC-20 read-out system        cooled, with high resolution
   with an upgraded MC-20          â—Š	 Specimen size: Flat sample
   read-out system
◊	 Specimen size: Flat sample         of Ø 15 mm–50 mm and
   of Ø 6 mm–50 mm and                thickness 6 mm–25 mm
   thickness 6 mm–25 mm            ◊	 Purging media: 99.96 % pure
â—Š	 Purging media: Argon gas of        Argon
   99.96 % purity

Optical Emission Spectrometer (DV-4)  Optical Emission Spectrometer (DV-6)

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