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                  Roadmap for Future

     MDD has been consistently striving to do better in all aspects with sole aim of exceeding user
  satisfaction. MDD has set up few activities on the roadmap to achieve its ultimate aim.

                          Establishment of New Test Facilities

     MDD had initiated a few procurement activities for establishment of new test-systems.

 Instrumented Impact Testing Machine

     The maximum capacity of equipment is 450 J with a resolution better than 0.1 J and maximum
  velocity of 5.5 m/s. The equipment conforms to all relevant national/international standards.
  Accessories like specimen tempering unit and notching machine make it a single-stop solution for
  impact testing of metallic materials.

 Portable Liquid Nitrogen Plant

     To address to minimal requirements of equipment installed in MDD, this portable plant is procured
  with a capacity of 20 litres per day with minimum purity of 99 per cent.

                Materials Development Division (MDD), Defence Research and Development
             Laboratory (DRDL) urges DRDO fraternity to give an opportunity for material
             testing and characterisation requirements
             Please feel free to contact

                                      Dr S. S. Panwar (Sc ‘F’)
                                      Head, Materials Development Division
                                      DRDL, Hyderabad–500 058
                                      Tel.: 040–2458 4580 || Fax: 040 – 2458 4587
                                      Mobile: +91–9440 125 067

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