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Torsion Testing Machine                          Technology
                                              FocusVSDu¨ykWth Q¨dl
   Torsion testing machine is
compact, table top, fully automatic     â—Š	 Max. spring length: 300 mm
and computer controlled that            â—Š	 Torque resolution: 0.0001 NM
features repeatability and
accuracy on angle within ± 2˚.
The equipment is extensively
used for testing of springs under
torsion loads.
Technical Specifications:
◊	 Torque range: 0.2 NM–

   20 NM
◊	 Spring inner diameter: 2.4 mm–20 mm


Obtaining      certification
from National Accreditation
Board for Testing & Calibration
Laboratories (NABL) for all
test facilities of MDD was
commenced in September
2015. In spite of an existing
framework of well established
management system of DRDL
certified to ISO 9001:2015,
accreditation of MDD test
facilities to NABL was indeed
a tedious task with its own

As evident, activities
pertaining to NABL are
consistent and diligent.
Even miniscule aspects like
environmental  conditions
of testing, standardisation
procedures, personnel training
and safety apparatus demand
attention and meticulous

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