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                                                                  FocusVSDu¨ykWth Q¨dl

        Scanning Electron Microscope

   A state-of-the-art equipment with Tungsten heated
cathode for low/high/extended vacuum operations that are
best suited for materials science, metallography, failure
analysis of metallic materials. It features flicker-free digital
imaging of superior resolution and user-friendly interface
that is easy to comprehend. Specimen stage is fully
motorised for movement along five axes.
Technical Specifications:
â—Š	 Accelerating voltage: 200 V to 30 kV
â—Š	 Magnification: 20X to 10,00,000X
â—Š	 Resolution: 3 nm at 30 kV (SED) and 4 nm at 30 kV (BSED)
◊	 Specimen size: Max. Ø 50 mm and Max. 50 mm
â—Š	 EDS: Oxford make with resolution 131 eV

 Differential Scanning Calorimeter                       Thermo Mechanical Analyser

   The equipment caters to measurement of               This equipment serves to the requirements of
transition temperatures, specific heat, heat of      measurement of deformation characteristics of
transition, etc. and is applicable to polymeric and  solid polymers, films, fibers, thin films, coatings,
composite materials.                                 viscous fluids and gels. The analyser measures
Technical Specifications::                           linear coefficient of expansion, glass transition,
                                                     dimensional stability, creep and tensile modulus
â—Š	 Type: Heat flux/Power compensation                can also be derived.
â—Š	 Temperature range: -150 ËšC to +700 ËšC             Technical Specifications:
◊	 Heating rate: ≥ 100 ˚C/min                        ◊	 Temperature: -150 ˚C to +1000 ˚C
â—Š	 Atmosphere: inert (Ar/N/O), Vacuum (10-4)         â—Š	 Sensitivity: 20 nm
                                                     â—Š	 Force range: 0.01

                                                        to 2 N (Resolution:
                                                        0.001 N)
                                                     â—Š	 Atmosphere: inert
                                                        (Ar/N/O), Vacuum

Thermo Gravimetric Analyser facility is also available from room temperature to 1000 0C.

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