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   The first combat ready F3 section          Indigenised AA2219-O plates           Indigenised AA2219-T87 plates
manufactured using indigenous                         Nose cap shell
aluminium alloys was handed over                                             Submarine Launched
by Godrej & Boyce to BAPL in            Alignment cylinder, fabricated from  Ballistic Missile-K4
2017. This is a major milestone in          Indigenised AA2219-T87 plate
DRDO’s indigenisation program for                                               Aluminium alloy, AA2219 plates
aluminium materials.                                                         having thicknesses of 30 mm and
                                                                             20 mm, width of 1400 mm and lengths
   At DMRL’s earnest request, HAAL                                           varying from 4000 mm to 6000 mm
initiated the process of slab casting                                        were produced in annealed (O) and
in the year 2015. The slabs for alloys                                       T87 tempers at BALCO, Korba for the
AA2219 and AA6061 have already                                               manufacture of nose cap dome and
been successfully produced at HAAL.                                          nose cap shell and alignment cylinder
The AA2219 slabs were subsequently                                           components, respectively of the
processed at Hindalco, Hirakud to                                            SLBM-K4 missile. DMRL provided all
sheets of desired thicknesses in the                                         necessary process parameters for the
annealed (O) temper for fabrication                                          production of these plates. Production
of components for the launcher for                                           of Class A1 ultrasonic quality plates
BrahMos missile. The AA6061 slabs are                                        was ensured for these applications.
currently being processed to produce
sheets at Hindalco, Hirakud for                                                 The nose cap shell components
BrahMos applications. The successful                                         were made using 20 mm thick
indigenisation of the aluminium                                              AA2219-T87 plates and the process of
alloys for BrahMos supersonic cruise                                         joining by friction stir welding. One
missile applications has several major                                       such component was first successfully
advantages as follows:
”” Present work has created self-                                                  Nose cap dome, fabricated from
reliance in this specific field in the                                                indigenised AA2219-O plate
country. Henceforth issues such as
cost escalation, quality, and time for
delivery of these materials could be
”” Cost savings associated with
the indigenisation of the subject
aluminium alloys are high
”” Present technologies, already
established at the commercial scale,
shall be utilised to produce the
same grades of aluminium alloys
being currently imported by certain
Ordnance Factories (OF) for the
manufacture of ammunitions using
Russian technologies
”” Present technologies, already
established at the commercial scale,
shall further be utilised to produce a
few of the same grades of aluminium
alloys being currently imported
by certain HAL factories for the
manufacture of aircraft components
using Russian technologies

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