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Technology Focus
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            Readers’ Views

    Your feedback is important to us as it gives scope for improvement and serve the
Organisation in a better way

    Rate the Technology Focus as a medium to present DRDO's technology and product
developments ?

		 Excellent 		 Good		              	 Satisfactory		

Is Technology Focus highlighting developments of DRDO appropriately ?

	Y	es			No

How do you rate the quality of photographs in the Technology Focus ?

	E	xcellent		Good			Satisfactory	

Optimal number of pages you would like in the Technology Focus ?

		 16 Pages		 20 Pages		 24 Pages		                     28 Pages

Prefered medium of Technology Focus ?

		 Print		  	 Online (PDF)		           E-pub	           Video Magazine

When are you receiving the magazine ?

		 In the previous month of publishing 	 	 In the same month of publishing	

		 In the next month of publishing

Suggestions, to further improve the Technology Focus ?


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