Continuing Education Programme

CVRDE, Avadi

The Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment (CVRDE), Avadi, organised a Course on Control System for Military Application during 15-19 July 2002. Twenty-seven participants from various DRDO labs/estts attended the course. The topics covered during the course were: control system theory, MET stabilisation system, missile control, LCA flight control, and torpedo control frequency response testing. Dr D Hanumanna, Director, CVRDE inaugurated the course while R Jayakumar, Addl Director, delivered the valedictory address.

NMRL, Ambernath

The Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL), Ambernath, organised a Course on Fuel during 22-26 July 2002. Six experts from various educational institutes, DRDO labs, and industries delivered the lectures.

R&DE (Engrs), Pune

The Research & Development Establishment Engineers (R&DE (Engrs)), Pune, organised a Course on Autocad-2000 during July 2002 which was attended by participants from Western laboratories. Smt Shobha Aralikatti, Sci E, was the Course Director.

R&DE(Engrs), Pune, in collaboration with Amit Consultant, Pune, organised another Course on Carpentry Trade during 9-19 July 2002. Nine technicians participated in the course and benefited with the rich experience of the faculty from various ITI's.

RCMA, Koraput

The Regional Centre for Military Airworthiness (RCMA), Koraput, a field unit of CEMILAC, organised a Course on Certification Experience during License Production of Aero-engines during 15-19 July 2002. The participants included representatives from DGAQA, NAL, IAF and HAL besides scientists from DRDO labs/estts. Shri DN Vyas, General Manager, HAL (Koraput) inaugurated the course. Shri JK Sharma, Chief Executive, CEMILAC released the course proceedings and distributed course certificates to the participants. Shri Gantayata Gouda, Chief Resident Engineer was the Course Director.

ITR, Chandipur

The Interim Test Range (ITR) Chandipur, organised a Course on DGPS Application to Test Range-an Emerging Technology during 22-26 July 2002. Thirty-five participants from various DRDO labs/estts attended the course.

IAT, Pune

The Institute of Armament Technology (IAT) , Pune, organised a Course on Electronic Bias in Modern AFVs during 8-12 July 2002. Twenty-three participants from various DRDO labs/estts and institutions attended the course. Shri JAR Krishna Moorty, Director, IRDE inaugurated the course while Dr MS Lokanath, Associate Director, IAT delivered the valedictory address. Col RK Pawah was the Course Director and Lt Col P Ramesh, the Course Coordinator.

IAT, Pune, organised another Course on Characterisation of High Energy Materials and Polymers by Advanced Analytical Techniques during 8-12 July 2002. Shri JAR Krishna Moorty, Director, IRDE, Dehradun, inaugurated the course. The lectures were delivered on advanced spectral, thermal, and chromatographic techniques, atomic absorption spectroscopy, flame photometry, thermal and fast neutron activation analysis, and coherent anti-stoke Laser Raman Spectroscopy, etc. Dr MS Loknath, Associate Director, IAT was the Chief Guest for the valedictory function. Dr SG Kulkarni, Sci E and Dr NG Navale, Sci D were the Course Director and the Course Coordinator, respectively.

VRDE, Ahmednagar

The Vehicles Research & Development Establishment (VRDE), Ahmednagar, organised a Course on Hydraulic and Pneumatic in Military Vehicles during 15-19 July 2002. Twenty-six participants from DRDO labs like IAT, R&DE(Engrs), HEMRL, and VRDE; and Navy formation like INS Shivaji, attended the course.

Other Course

ITM, Mussoorie

The Institute of Technology Management (ITM), Mussoorie, organised a Course on Managing Software Projects during 8-13 July 2002. The course aimed at acquainting the participants with the issues involved in managing software projects and tools, and techniques to manage software projects. The topics covered were: software process methods, software metrics, capability maturity model, software verification and validation, software risk management, software documentation, case studies, etc. Seventeen participants from various DRDO labs/estts attended the course. Shri S Sivaraman, Sci G, lRDE, Dehradun inaugurated the course while Brig (Dr) RC Pathak, Director, ITM delivered the valedictory address.