Dr R VasudevanDr R Vasudevan, Sci G, Director, Institute of Technology Management (ITM), Mussoorie, after attaining the age of superannuation retired from his service on 30 May 2000.

Dr Vasudevan has wonderful scientific achievements to his credit. He installed a 22-node wargaming model at the Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, during 1989-91. He established the Department of Computer Science at the University of Mysore (1991-92) and became the founder Chairman of the Department. He developed a higher level language for discrete event simulation modelling at CASSA during 1993-94 and completed a model for general purpose discrete event simulation using graphics under Windows environment during 1995-96 At the Directorate of EDP Systems, he had carried out independent studies on the evaluation of missile system for the Indian Defence using deterministic models. He also carried out a series of simulation exercises for drawing up of the specifications of the Automatic Message Switching Systems (AMSS) for the Indian Army using discrete event simulation models in the language GPSS.


Brig(Dr) RC PathakBrig (Dr) RC Pathak, Research & Development Establishment (Engineers) (R&DE (Engrs)), Pune, has been appointed Director, Institute of Technology Management, (ITM), Mussoorie, wef 27 June 2000.

Brig (Dr) Pathak obtained his BSc Engineering (Civil) from Birla Institute of Technology (BIT), Ranchi, and MTech and PhD in Civil Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (lIT), New Delhi. He has specialized in the areas of cold region engineering, geo-tectical engineering and R&D project management. He has designed and constructed various structures for troops at the world's highest battlefield on the Siachen Glacier and Antarctica. He also accompanied the IXth Indian Antarctic Scientific Expedition (lASE) during 1989-90 and constructed Experimental Green House at the first Indian permanent Antarctic station, Maitri, and provided logistic support to the station.

Brig (Dr) Pathak is life fellow/member of the Indian Institute of Engineers, Indian Geo-Tectical Society, Indian Institute of Geomorphology , Indian Military Engineers, Antarctica Club of India, and British Geomorphological Research Group, London. He has 71 technical papers/reports to his credit and many of his publications earned
cash awards and commendation/appreciations at various national and international forums.


Several DRDO scientists have been promoted from Sci G to Sci H and from Sci F to Sci G {wef 1 July 2000). The biodata of some of the promotees highlighting their contributions in DRDO are given here. The profiles of other
promotees will be covered in the subsequent issues.

From Sci G to Sci H

KVSS Prasad RaoShri KVSS Prasad Rao, Director, RCI, Hyderabad, has more than two-and-half decades of rich experience in the field of aerospace  technologies. He has major responsibilities relating to control, guidance, system integration for all the missile systems. In addition, he is working towards establishing core competencies in the development of (i) inertial sensors and sensor-based system for aerospace applications, (ii) modern aerospace actuator components and systems, and (iii) imaging and microwave seeker systems for aerospace applications.

At RCI, he also initiated and implemented several important activities related to system integration, such as: establishing the necessary technology base for check out and launch operations for strategic multistage missile system, establishing the related integration facilities, and development of ground weapon complexes for modern air defence systems. Shri Rao contributed to the programme in various capacities as the Chairman of Flight Readiness Review (FRR) Committees and System Design Review Committees (SDRC) for all the Indian Guided Missile Programmes.

From Sci F to Sci G

DMRL, Hyderabad

Dr Talapady Balakrishna BhatDr Talapady Balakrishna Bhat a PhD in Metallurgy from lIT, Chennai, was a Visiting Scientist at JPL, Pasadena, for three years. Presently, he leads the Armour Design & Development Division at the Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL), Hyderabad. His team has developed composite armour suitable for use in T-72 Ajeya which has been successfully inducted into the Services


Dr Bhat has led the Kanchan armour programme for MBT Arjun making many crucial design inputs and decisions. He has developed a composite armour for helicopter. The compound armour developed by his team for ICV Abhay is half as heavy as the steel armour. He is setting up scaled down testing and advanced armour research facilities at DMRL. He has been awARDEd Vasvik Award (1981) , Young Associate of Indian Academy of Sciences (1982), DMRL Best Paper Award (1984), Letter of Shabhash from Army Chief (1988), NASA Certificate of Recognition (1991), National Best Metallurgist Award (1993), and Letter of Congratulations for the Team Work for MBT Arjun from SA to RM (2000). He has 72 papers and reports and two patent applications to his credit.

RCI, Hyderabad

K Nageswara RaoShri K Nageswara Rao obtained his BE (Electronics & Communication Engineering) from Govt College of Engineering, Kakinada, in 1967. He joined DRDO at the Electronics & Radar Development Establishment (LRDE) Bangalore, in 1967 where he worked for the development of sound ranging system. During 1972-89, he worked at the Defence Research & Development Laboratory (DRDL), Hyderabad, where he was actively involved with electrical integration and check-out of the first Trishul, Prithvi and Agni flights. Since 1989, he has been working with the Research Centre Imarat (RCI), Hyderabad. He has established the first state-of-the-art EMI/EMC laboratory up to 40G Hz at RCI. Presently, He is Director Management Service; Member Secretary RCI Management Board; and Project Director, PJ10 (ASI). He has been trained on EMI/EMC analysis and prediction and EMI/EMC measurements at the Atlantic Research Corporation, USA, and was also awARDEd the Certificate of Achievement in 1984 by the Corporation. He was awARDEd with EMC Engineer of the Year Award in 1996 by the Society of EMI/EMC Engineers (India). He is life member of dB Society and SEMCEI.