The Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL), Hyderabad, has successfully Dr D Banerjee handing over the technical documents of Gigli Saw to Shri Koneru Bose. Dr AK Datta and Shri AK Nayyar are also seen in the picturetransferred the technology for the indigenous production of surgical tool called Gigli Saw to Andhra Biomedical Components, Hyderabad. This saw is used for cutting hard tissues and finds prolific use in orthopaedic .and neurosurgical procedures. Dr D Banerjee, Director, DMRL, handed over the technology documents to Shri Koneru Bose, Managing Director, Andhra Biomedical Components, Hyderabad. Dr AK Datta, CC R&D (M) and Shri AK Nayyar , Chief Executive, DRDO Industry Interaction were present on the occasion.  This saw basically resembles a wire rope with two strands, each consisting of two wires. The pitch of twist in each strand is controlled in such a way that the surface of the rope is rough with ridges and valleys, a feature that promotes cutting action. The novel technology uses specially selected austenitic stainless steel wire available locally and a special purpose machine designed and developed by DMRL Laboratory for making the saw. The cost of the saw would be about one-third of the cost of similar imported saws.

The National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bangalore; Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad; and the scientists of DMRL worked together during the entire technology development phase and the performance trials. The development activity was funded by DRDO and coordinated by the Society for Biomedical Technology .

DMRL has also successfully developed in the past critical biomedical devices like Kalam-Raju cardiovascular stent, special copper wire for intra-'uterine contraceptive devices, etc. DMRL has made special modular total hip prosthesis using exotic metals like titanium and cobalt alloys. Seven such total hip replacements have been carried out by the Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad.

Rare Earth Magnets

This advanced technology was developed by DMRL in association with the Dr Banerjee handing over the document for REMs technology to Shri  AK TanejaMishra Dhatu Nigam Limited (Midhani) , Hyderabad, and was transferred the technology-related to development of Rare Earth Magnets (REMs) to the industry under financial assistance from the Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIF AC) and coordination of Non-Ferrous Materials Technology Development Centre (NFTDC), Hyderabad. Dr D Banerjee, Director, DMRL, handed over the documents to Shri A K Taneja, Chairman and Managing Director, Midhani.

The REMs find applications in transducers for telephones, solar energy motors, DC motors, magnetic resonance imaging, microwave devices, high torque motors, magnetic separators, aerospace actuators, cordless power tools, vacuum cleaners, battery electric traction, electric transmission servo drives motion control in robotics, power steerings, power brakes, computer disc drives, etc.

The REMs have been successfully used by BARC, Mumbai, National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT), Chennai and Ore Dressing Section, BARC, Hyderabad, for critical and strategic applications and by several private sector industries for commercial applications.