Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment (CVRDE), Avadi, has designed and developed a high performance mobile shielded EMC Shelter on the Station MK-III, 4x4 Chassis. The fully air-conditioned shelter was structurally designed, developed and integrated by Plexion Technologies Ltd, Bangalore as per the technical specifications provided by CVRDE.


It is a double-wall electrically isolated construction of high, strength, cold rolled zinc coated steel material of superior quality with best shielding effectiveness figure achieved so far. The shelter has a dual usage of simulation and performance evaluation of the Vehicle Electronics Data Acquisition System (VEDAS) of MBT Arjun electronics sub-system using telemetry links and carries out full fledged EMI/EMC evaluation of electronic sub-system in the frequency range of DC-10 GHz. It has the following Shielding Effectiveness (SE) as evaluated by LRDE, Bangalore.

Magnetic field
40 db@ 14 KHz
68 db@ 100 KHz
Electric field
100 db@ 10 MHz
100 db @ 100 MHz
Plane wave
80 db for plan wave
@ 500 MHz
Micro wave
80 db @ 1 GHz
80 db @ 5 GHz
51 db @ 10 Ghz


Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL), Ambernath, has successfully developed a simple, economical and environment friendly Domestic Drinking Water Filter for removal of Arsenic. The kit operates at two different flow rates of 15 and 30 l/h and the removal, occurs via the process of adsorption and co-precipitation. The kit is able to lower arsenic level from maximum of 4 ppm to 10 ppb. The raw materials used for making the filter are all industrial wastes.

The technology has won Silver Medal in the Anveshan Competition organised by the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, and was also appreciated by Arsenic Task Force Committee, West Bengal. The filter is likely to be used for removal of Arsenic from ground water in West Bengal where a large number of people are affected due to Arsenic poisoning.