Standard Drop Test Facility

Armament Research & Development Establishment (ARDE), Pune, has installed a new Standard Drop Test Facility which was recently inaugurated by Shri AS Rajagopal, Director, ARDE. This facility simulates the shocks experienced by fuses and other electronic components during dynamic firing of the guns and is used for the drop testing of the same.

High Speed Digital Camera

Proof & Experimental Establishment (PXE), Balasore, has set-up a high speed digital camera facility. It is a high-speed coloured camera with CMOS sensor capable of recording dynamic events at 1000 frames/sec for 4 sec at its maximum resolution of 1536/1024 pixels. In windowing mode, it is capable of recording at a maximum of 10,000 frames/sec at 512/196 pixels resolution. The code generator phase of the camera locked to GPS/IRIG-B source provides time stamping to one micro second accuracy on live image. The recorded image can be further processed.

The camera is highly ruggedised to withstand shocks up to l00 g and is programmed from a host PC which can be placed at a distance of 15 m to 400 m away linked through fiber optics.

This camera is a boon for instantaneous recording, study and analysis of transient phenomena like gun behaviour at firing, projectile behaviour in the trajectory and high speed impact phenomena.

Standard Drop Test Facility
Standard Drop
Test Facility