Col B Raut has been appointed Director, Field Research Laboratory (FRL), Leh, wef 11 September 2002. Col Raut is a MVSc and PhD in Animal Nutrition from the Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnager and was serving the Remount Veterinary Corps of Indian Army for the past 30 years. He has been Director, RVS at the Command HQrs/ Army HQrs since 1995. Col Raut has made significant contribution towards animal health and animal reproduction during his tenure at the FRL from 1987-1989. He has more than 23 scientific research papers, 10 seminar/symposia papers, seven popular science articles, six books and two monographs to his credit.

                  Dr JP Agrawal has been appointed Director of Materials, DRDO HQrs, New Delhi, wef29 August 2002. He has obtained his PhD in 1971 from the Gorakhpur University .His field of interest is cost effective polymeric materials which find application as inhibitors for rocket propellants and binders for explosives/pyrotechnics, etc. At HEMRL he was active in the field of thermally stable and high performance explosives, insensitive explosives and energetic additives for explosives/propellants and was instrumental for the development of triamino trinitrobenzene (TATB), a thermally stable explosive and hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane (HNIW), popularly known as CL-20, a most powerful explosive. Dr Agrawal has also contributed towards the development of advanced combustible cartridge cases for tank gun ammunition and non-lethal, incapacitating sensory irritant-based hand grenades. Under his leadership, a large number of rubber, plastics, and composite materials were screened for providing additional protection to tanks.

Dr Agrawal was a visiting scientist under the Indo-French Programme of Scientific Cooperation during 1987-88. He was awARDEd Marie-Cure Research Fellowship by the European Commission. Dr Agrawal has 135 research papers, and popular science articles, three patents, 12 designs, and a monograph on Composite Marterials to his credit. He is the recipient of Cash Award and Commendation Certificate, and DRDO Technology Award-1996.