arvada-24 hrs IT Service at IAT, Pune

High cost of acquisition of engineering application software and the necessity of equally costly computer hardware has created the need to use these facilities well beyond the normal office hours also. Institute of Armament Technology (IAT), Pune, has operationalised Sarvada to make these high-end hardware and software available to the users round the clock.

IAT has a more than 100 node LAN with ATM backbone and 2 MBPS leased line Internet connectivity. Arrangements have been made to keep the network active on 24x7 basis. At present, DRONA, IAT Intranet, 2 Mbps band width Internet access, engineering application software and IAT library database are available under this concept. Rear Adm AK Handa, VSM, Director and Dean, IAT inaugurated the facility on 12 March 2004.