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Attitude Test FacilityThe Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE), Bangalore, has commissioned an Attitude gtre.jpg (56350 bytes)Test Facility to carry out performance evaluation tests of lubrication system, simulating the engine rotor system, bearing sealing arrangement, speeds and attitudes. The performance of Kaveri engine lubrication system at various attitudes of the aircraft during its aerobatic maneuvers has to be ensured in design and demonstrated by simulated tests. The attitude test set-up consists of:

  • A rigid frame supporting a movable engine base frame and a movable sub-frame with the trunnion mounting arrangement. Each frame can be rotated 360 with reference to the other.

  • The test section coupled to artouste gearboxes (step up) and hydraulic motors is mounted on the base frame of the engine. The LP and HP shaft test sections are driven independently by hydraulic motors.

  • The test section consists of Kaveri engine rotor support system along with gearbox and lubrication system.

  • The bearing seals of the test section are pressurised by air pressure from an external compressed air system.

  • The operation of pitch and roll movements of test section are also possible from control system.

  • The lubrication system instrumentation is linked to data acquisition system. All the parameters can be seen online during testing. These parameters are updated every two seconds. These data are recorded for offline analysis.

  • The instrumentation and measurements include all supply chamber pressures and scavenge temperatures of lubrication system, air pressures at bearing seals, HP and LP spool speeds, vibration measurements at different locations of test section, gearbox and support frames and eddy probe clearance measurements at two locations on the shafts.