New Test Facilities

Mannequin Test Chamber

A state-of-art Test Facility of Mannequin Test Chamber for Evaluation of NBC Suit has been installed at the Defence Materials & Stores Research and Development Establishment (DMSRDE), Kanpur. Dr RV Swamy, CCR&D (MLS) inaugurated the facility on 17 December 2002. A mannequin dressed with NBC suit is made to perform movement of various parts of the body for a specified time. The angle and speed of movement of neck, limbs and legs are controlled and monitored by a microprocessor-based controller. During the experiment, air contamination with methyl salicylate (20 mg/m3) strikes the mannequin at linearvelocityof5 m/s.

Combat Training using SANGRAM

The Institute for Systems Studies & Analyses (ISSA), Delhi, has completed the Project SANGRAM, which is a Computerised Division Level Wargame, and has been installed at Wargaming Development Centre (ARTRAC), Delhi Cantt. The system provides an opportunity to Army Commanders (players) to take decisions based on combat like situations generated by the system. It also enhances the functions of the Exercise Director or Higher Control who will be able to monitor the entire activity in the battlefield and interject control measures to create situations akin to the fog of war and forces players to take decisions under battle stress conditions.

Army units conducted exercises using this system. A number of officers from various formations of the Indian Army participated in these exercises which were planned in riverine and desert terrains involving interaction of armour, infantry , artillery , engineering and other supporting arms.

During the Army Commander's Conference- 2002, the facility was highly appreciated and a need was felt to field the facility at selected locations. The facility developed by ISSA under project SANGRAM uses an array of top quality Wargaming Technology to support Indian Army's mission, and constantly explores new tools to improve this support. The SANGRAM team was awARDEd Technology Group Award-2001-02 for the development of Wargaming Technology.

A New Method of Elliptic Curve Encryption

Defence Research & Development Laboratory (DRDL), Hyderabad, has successfully demonstrated a new method of Elliptic Encryption based-on Elliptic Curve Method. A software fitted with higher throughput time optimised elliptic curve encryption / decryption technique has been developed.

This software is based on elliptic curve with discrete logarithm problem with key size of 160 bits. Elliptic curve-based addition operations are optimised with the chosen coordinates. This software provides time optimisation and is based on finite prime field.