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Dr VK Aatre delivering the Technology Day addressThe National Technology Day was celebrated on 11 May 2000 to mark the 2nd Anniversary of Shakti (Pokhran nuclear tests). DRDO HQrs and Delhi-based DRDO labs/estts celebrated the Day with great enthusiasm at the Laser Science & Technology Centre (LASTEC), Delhi, under the auspices of Defence Science Forum.

Dr VK Aatre, SA to RM, chaired the Technology Day session and delivered the Technology Day address. He spoke on future technologies which are likely to emerge in the next ten to fifteen years. He stressed that micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS) will play a dominating role in shaping the day-to-day life in civil as well as military sectors. In this context, he highlighted the work being carried out at the Solidstate Physics Laboratory (sspl), Delhi, and mentioned about the national programme being initiated jointly by five major R&D departments including DRDO. He also discussed the utilization of hydrogen as a fuel to meet future energy requirements and highlighted the developments in fuel cell technology and bio-electronics, citing the Dr VK Aatre delivering the Technology Day address example of artificial eye and mesomorphic chips capable of giving perception of vision directly to the cortex. He emphasised the need to combine the expertise and dedication of DRDO scientists with utmost professionalism to meet the technology needs of the Armed Forces.

On this occasion, a Compendium of the National ScienceShri K Santhanam releasing the Compendium of National Science Day Orations
Day Orations was released by Shri K Santhanam, Chief Advisor (Technology), DRDO HQrs, New Delhi. As a part of the celebration, Dr Brahma Singh, Director of Agricultural Sciences and Brig SB Akali, Add! Director, Dte of L&I, delivered talks on Cold Desert Agri-Horticultural Technologies and Samyukta -An Overview, respectively.

Dr Aatre gave away the Technology Day Awards to Col Umang Kapoor, Lt Col VK Sharma and Lt Col NM Murali from C-TEC (Centre for Technology Extension and Commercialisation) and to Dr AK Singh, Dr Rajneesh Sharma, Dr Aseem Bhatnagar, Dr Anil Mishra, and Mrs Pushpa Mishra, all from INMAS, Delhi, for their work on development of diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals.