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Digital Imaging Facility for Radiography

Digital Imaging facility for radiographyThe High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL), Pune, has commissioned a 450 KV X-ray  equipment with a unique digital imaging system(DlS) and specimen handling system. The facility is used for radiographic inspection of solid rocket propellant grains and other related components. The equipment consists of (i) 450 KV X-ray unit having a small focal spot of 0.8 mm2 and is used to radiograph propellant thickness up to 250 mm or equivalent (ii) DlS having an interchangeable input screen of 30 cm X 40 cm size. The equipment has the provision of three screens which cover the X-ray photon energies from 50 KeV to  6 MeV; A cooled charged coupled device (CCD)-based camera digitises the image signals. The cooling of the CCD, by Peltier Effect, drastically reduces the thermal noise and improves image quality (various PC-based image processing functions are provided for better interpretation) and (iii) a specimen handling manipulator for precision movement (linear and rotational) of solid propellant grains having maximum length of 2 m and diameter in the range of 10-30 cm. The movements are PC-based through two separate stepper motors having programmable sequence of movements.

High Mass Flow High Pressure Air Supply FacilityHigh mass flow high pressure air supply facility

The High Mass Flow High Pressure Air Supply Facility developed by the Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE), Bangalore, provides compressed air supply required for aero-thermodynamic testing of gas turbine engine components like combustor, turbine, nozzle system, afterburner combustor systems, calibration of pressure probes, experiments and heat transfer analysis on NGVs and turbine rotor blades etc. The compressed air supply is utilised for simulating flow conditions at the inlet of gas turbine engine under test, corresponding  to Mach nos. up to 0.7 at sea level ISA + 30. The facility  can be operated continuously for 5 hours to facilitate endurance tests on gas turbine engine components.

The facility consists of an industrial gas turbine driving three centrifugal compressors to.  facilitate the operation in three different modes, and to.  supply compressed air for testing gas turbine engines. and its components. There are three options of  operation available in the facility. It consists of an industrial Avon gas turbine (Coberra 2548)   driving three centrifugal compressors, viz., one low pressure, one medium, and one high pressure compressor. major sub systems/accessories of the facility are :

  • Starting system for gas generator
  • Exclusive power supplies an micro-processor based control system for auto/manual operation of the facility
  • Combined lub oil supply system for compressors, gearbox and power turbine
  • Exclusive lub oil supply system for gas generator
  • Fuel supply system for gas generator
  • Instrument air supply system
  • Filtering system for intakes of gas generator/compressor
  • Fire extinguishing system for GT enclosure
  • Water cooling system for compressors inter-stage coolers, lub oil cooling, etc.