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The Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR), Delhi, completed a project titled Leadership Styles and  Conflict Resolution which was aimed to study the existing   leadership styles used by the officers operating in low  intensity conflict (LIC) environment and to suggest the effective styles of leadership for resolution of a conflict faced by the soldiers in the LIC environment.

A psychological instrument was developed for the purpose and data was collected from 350 officers.The   study revealed that a syntilator who intelligently and rationally motivates a group towards the goal with the essence  of trustworthiness, and an innovator who makes decision with full objectivity and creativity are the most preferred  leadership characteristic factors among officers and other ranks in the LIC environment. Among the Army officers, syntilator and innovator were found to be the best predicting values for both assertive and aggressive strategies of  resolving a conflict.

Several recommendations to incorporate syntilator and innovator leadership styles in some in-house and  experimental training programmes were made. Some important ones are: training programmes on conflict  resolution strategies especially on assertive and aggressive strategies should be created for officers and other ranks. Psychological games should also be created on these lines. Simulation of LIC situation should be done for all the officers and jawans. The in basket training model can be used and roleplaying should be used as a technique.

Prof Gupta Bhardwaj, Head, Department of Psychology & Dean  of Arts Faculty, Delhi University, was the  Principal Investigator and Dr UD Pandey, Addl Director and Chief Psychologist, DIPR, was the Coordinator of the  project.