Shri M Natarajan being felicitated on the occasion of National Technololgy Day.
Also seen at the left is Shri SS Prasad.

DRDO HQrs and Delhi based labs/estts celebrated the National Technology Day on 11 May 2005 in a function organised by the Defence Science Forum at Metcalfe House, Delhi, under the Chairmanship of Shri M Natarajan, SA to RM.

Shri SS Prasad, Director, DTRL & ISSA, Delhi and Convener, Defence Science Forum delivered the Welcome Address. As a part of the celebrations, presentations were made by Dr G Athithan, Sci G, CAIR, Bangalore on Development and Application of Technologies for Information Security; Dr BS Dwarakanath, Sci F, INMAS, Delhi on Technology for Improving Cancer Therapy; and Shri C R Jalwania, Sci E, sspl, Delhi on Development of Technology Leading to Fabrication of 16 15 Ti Bolometer IR Sensor Arrays.

Shri M Natarajan releasing the Compendium of Products & Technologies:
DRDO Life Sciences Laboratories -2005. Also seen in the picture is Dr Narendra Kumar and Shri SS Prasad.

Shri M Natarajan delivered the Technology Day Address and gave away certificates and medals to the speakers. He also released two Compendiums: DRDO Science Spectrum-2005, compiled and edited by DESIDOC; and Compendium of Products & Technologies--DRDO Life Sciences Laboratories-2005 compiled by Directorate of Materials and printed by DESIDOC, Delhi. Dr Ravi Kashyap, Secretary Science Forum delivered the vote of thanks.

 Shri M Natarajan releasing the DRDO Science Spectrum-2005.
Also seen in the picture is Dr Mohinder Singh and Shri SS Prasad.

Other DRDO labs/estts in the country also celebrated the National Technology Day locally. Presentations were made and speakers were felicitated with commendation certificates and medals. Highlights of the activities of some of the labs/estts are reported here:

ARDE, Pune

The Chief Guest Dr Govind Ballabh Pant, Director, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune delivered the address on, Wind: A Viable Energy Source. Shri R V Katare, Sci C, gave the oration on, Stress-strain Determination of Explosively Loaded Aluminium Material.

CEMILAC, Bangalore

Shri Vinod Kumar, Sci B, presented a paper entitled, Effects of Lightening Strike on Aircraft and its Subsystems: A Case Study on Direct and Indirect Effects Testing.

CVRDE, Avadi

Shri LC Raghvan, Sci F, delivered the Technology Day Oration and received the medal.

DARL, Pithoragarh

Various developed technologies in agro-animal fields viz., plant molecular biology and genetic engineering, greenhouse technology, hydroponics, mushroom production, live herbal gARDEn and formulation of herbal products, aquaculture, Angora wool production, etc were exhibited and demonstrated to students of Maharshi Vidya Mandir, Pithoragarh.

DEBEL, Bangalore

Shri Tapan Khilariwal, Sci C, delivered the oration on, Design and Development of Pressure Reducer-cum-Regulator of Pre-Breather Console (PBC) and Personal Bailout Oxygen System (PBOS) for Combat Free Fall Oxygen System.


Dr Mohinder Singh, Director, DESIDOC, delivered a popular lecture on Electronic Warfare to incorporate new concepts in documentation while processing information.

DFRL, Mysore

Shri PE Patki received the award for his contribution on, the Development of Process and Technology for Preservation of Stuffed Parothas.

GTRE, Bangalore

Shri T Krishnamurthy, Sci D, delivered the Oration on, Afterburner Combustion and Exhaust Cone Nozzle.


Dr BD Kulkarni, Head of Chemical Engineering Division, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune was the Chief Guest and delivered a lecture on Technology Competitiveness in Near Future. HEMRL organised 15 presentation on varied subjects of technological significance by the scientists and technical staff and the best five papers were awARDEd.

IRDE, Dehra Dun

Shri Ajay Kumar, Sci E, was awARDEd for his contributions in signal processing leading to the development of Third Generation Thermal Imagers at IRDE.

ITR, Chandipur

Shri Praveen Kumar, Sci B, was awARDEd for National Technology Day.

LRDE, Bangalore

Shri GSK Rao, Sci G, Officiating Director, LRDE, presided over the function. Dr RV Narayana, Sci F, delivered the oration on, Engineering and Realisation Process of Phased Array Antennae.

MTRDC, Bangalore

Shri R Sheshadri, Sci E, delivered the oration on, Microwave Power Module.

RCI, Hyderabad

Shri SK Ray, Sci H, Associate Director, presided over the function. A series of lectures on Guidance and Control were organised.

R&DE(E), Pune

Shri K P Rathod, Sci B, presented a paper on, Variable Speed Constant Frequency (VSCF) Technology Based Vehicle Engine Integrated Power Generation System. Prof Amalendu Mukherjee from IIT, Kharagpur gave a presentation on Extension of Lagrangian-Hamiltonian Mechanics-Study of Symmetries and Invariant.

SASE, Chandigarh

Prof Vijay Gupta, Director Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh was the chief guest and delivered a lecture on, Fluid Mechanics: Excitation of the Vocal Chords. Shri AK Shukla, Sci C, delivered a lecture on, Proposed Avalanche Control Structure at MSP-7(HP).

VRDE, Ahmednagar

The National Centre for Automotive Testing (NCAT) facility was kept open for general public and vehicles and equipment developed by the establishment were displayed. Shri Sanjay Chaudhari, Sci D presented a paper on, Special Purpose Trailers for Defence Application.