DRDO Celebrates National Technology Day

The National Technology Day was celebrated on 11 May 2004 to mark the 6th Anniversary of Shakti (Pokhran Nuclear Tests). DRDO HQrs and Delhi based labs/estts celebrated the occasion in a function organized by the Defence Science Forum at the Metcalfe House, Delhi, under the Chairmanship of Dr VK Aatre, SA to RM. Dr V K Aatre also inaugurated the newly constructed Dr S Bhagwantam Auditorium at Metcalfe House Complex, Delhi.

On this occasion, Dr Aatre released two Compendiums: DRDO Science Spectrum-2004, compiled and edited by DESIDOC; and DRDO Technology Compendium-2003 compiled by Dte of Materials and edited and printed by DESIDOC, Delhi.

Other DRDO labs/estts in the country also celebrated the National Technology Day locally. Presentations were made and speakers were  medals. Highlights of celebrations at some of the labs/estts are reported here:

 Dr Aatre releasing the DRDO Science Spectrum-2004

DARL, Pithoragarh

  To mark the occasion, various  technologies in agro-animal fields viz., molecular plant biology and genetic engineering, greenhouse technology, hydroponics, mushroom production, live herbal gARDEn, and formulation of herbal products, aquaculture, bio-control, dairy cattle, Angora wool production, etc. were exhibited and demonstrated to the students for their exposure and acquaintance.


ARDE, Pune

Dr P K Roy, Associate Director, IAT was the Chief Guest. He delivered a talk on Science, Technology and    Engineering: Popular Perception and Paradigm of People. Shri S B Mukane, Sci B gave a presentation on Case-bonded Composite Propellant for High Performance Artillery Rockets–A Technology  Challenge.

CABS, Bangalore

To mark the occasion, Shri M Ranganayakulu,    Sci C, delivered a lecture on Futuristic GNSS Receiver.

CEMILAC, Bangalore

As a part of the celebrations, Shri Kanchan Biswas presented  a  paper entitled, Aircraft Life Extension Technology.                                            

CVRDE, Avadi

Dr  Prithikachari, a neurologist delivered a lecture  entitled, Bio-Technology in Health Care. Dr S Sridhar, Sci  E,  was awARDEd the Technology Award for his contribution in Critical Technologies for Modern Running Gear Systems of Armoured Fighting Vehicles.


As a part of the celebrations, Dr Mohinder Singh, Director, DESIDOC, delivered a lecture on Parmanu Hamley Se Bachney Ke Upaey.

 DIPAS, Delhi

Important investigations of physiological functions such as blood glucose, blood pressure and lung function tests were done free of cost. Dr (Col) DP Attrey, Sci E, delivered a lecture entitled, Economic Appraisal, An Essential Ingredient of DRDO Projects. Dr Neeru Kapoor, Sci D, delivered a lecture on Carbogen Breathing System for Safety of Soldiers in Noise during a programme organised by Defence Science Forum  at  Metcalfe House, Delhi.

 DLRL, Hyderabad

An invited talk by Prof P Venkat Rangan, Vice Chancellor, Amrita Viswa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore was arranged  on the topic Emerging Technologies in Computing and Communications for New Millennium. Shri R C Agarwal, Sci G, delivered a talk on Radar Finger Printing System  for which his team was awARDEd DRDO Technology Award.

DL, Jodhpur

An exhibition of unclassified products and technologies developed by the laboratory were displayed through charts, models and visuals. Shri RK Sayal inaugurated the exhibition which was kept open for the public.

 GTRE, Bangalore

Shri S  V Ramanamurthy, Sci D, Turbine Group,  gave a presentation on  Self Reliance in Design of Axial Flow Turbines. The K8 Kaveri engine was displayed in Test Cell 4.Video display of K8 engine running on reheat mode with jet flame was displayed to the visitors.

IRDE, Dehra Dun

Dr AK Gupta, Associate Director, IRDE inaugurated an exhibition which was organised for school children and general public. Latest developments at IRDE, and DRDO were projected through models, video films and posters, etc.

 ITR, Chandipur

Prof Chandan Mazumdar, Jadavpur University, Kolkatta was the Chief Guest. Shri Manmohan Sandhu presented a technical paper entitled, Bit Error Rate Performance of a Typical Ground Receiving Telemetry Chain.

 LRDE, Bangalore

Shri Duvvuri Seshagiri, Sci D, delivered the Technology Day Oration on Target Classification at C3 I for a Network of Radars-based Theory of Evidential Reasoning.

 MTRDC, Bangalore

Shri SUM Reddy, Sci E, delivered an oration on Design and Development of Coupled Cavity Travelling Wave Tubes: State-of-the-Art.

 NMRL, Ambernath

The laboratory was kept open to the public and developed products and technologies were displayed. Dr D Ratna, Sci D, delivered a lecture on Technology of Polymer-Clay Nanocomposite.

 NPOL, Kochi

Shri N Hari, Sci E, delivered a lecture on Standards in Engineering. This was followed by an invited talk on Nuclear Energy for Human Health by Dr P Shanmuga Sundaram, Head, Dept of Nuclear Medicine, Amritha Institute of Medical Sciences (AMIS), Kochi. Sea Tech – a technical journal of NPOL was also released by Dr RR Rao, Officiating Director.

 NSTL, Visakhapatnam

Rear Adm S Mohapatra, VSM, IN Director, inaugurated a newly constructed museum named Anubhuti. Shri P Trimurthulu, Sci E, was awARDEd in recognition of his significant contributions in the field of development of first indigenous light and heavy weight tor-pedoes. Work centres and test facility centres were kept open for various schools, colleges and general public.

 RCI, Hyderabad

Dr PM Bhargava, former Director, CCMB delivered lecture on Indian Science and Technology–Lessons from the Past and Present.

VRDE, Ahmednagar

Shri S Pal, Sci D, presented  a technical paper on , Modern Trends in Technology in Wheeled Combat Vehicles. An exhibition of equipment, vehicles, and technology demonstrators was organised.