ARDE, Pune

Dr Aatre evincing keen interest in the activities of ARDEDr VK Aatre, SA to RM, DG R&D and Secretary, DRDO on 11 April 2002.

CAIR, Bangalore

Lt Gen DP Seghal, AVSM, VSM, ADC, Signal Officer-in-Chief on 27 May 2002.

Lt Gen Kapil Vij, Chief of Staff, Army Training Command, Shimla on 6 June 2002.

CEMILAC, Bangalore

Lt Gen Tej Paul, CCR&D(R) on 25 May 2002.

GTRE, Bangalore

Air Cmde Anil Chopra, VM, VSM,Commandant, ASTE, Bangalore on 11 April 2002.

Shri M Kumarswamy, IDAS, Secretary, Defence (Finance) on 12 April 2002 .


Dr VK Aatre, SA to RM, DG R&D and Secretary, DRDO on 12 April 2002. He inaugurated the propellant processing facility at HEMRL.

LRDE, Bangalore

Rear Adm Tewari being briefed about SV-2000 RadarMaj Gen KS Dogra, VSM, ADG, AD Arty on 8 May 2002.

Lt Gen SJS Saighal, PVSM, VM, VSM, Master General of Ordnance on 7 May 2002.

Rear Admiral Ajit Tewari, AVSM, NM, Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (P&P), NHQrs, New Delhi on 25 April 2002.