Ultra-Compact Electronics Package for High Energy Flash Lamp Pumped Solid State Laser

Ultra-Compact Electronic PackageThe Laser Science and Technology Centre (LASTEC), Delhi, has developed an Ultra-Compact Electronics Package (180 mm x 180 mm x 70 mm) for Flash Lamp Pumped High Energy Solid State Laser. The unit, which has an output power delivery capability of 1000 Joules/second, employs a completely new DC-to-DC converter topology that gives it flexibility to use any energy/pulse and pulse repetition rate combination. This new topology also allows the designer to use a wide range of energy storage capacitor values (5 F to 200 F) and charging voltage (500 VDC to1500 VDC) to get the desired energy without compromising on any of its features. The advantage with this novel converter topology is that the user can get 10 Joules/pulse at 100 PPS or 1000 Joules/pulse at 1 PPS or even 10 kilo-Joules/pulse at 0.1 PPS with the same ease and efficiency without any design modification. The design also allows the user to connect the individual units in parallel for  enhancing its output power delivery capability .The charging unit has a conversion efficiency of more than  90 per cent and has been packaged in a size and weight that is about 60 per cent of the size and weight of similar units with comparable specifications from leading international manufacturers of  laser power supplies.

The package has been extensively evaluated by interfacing it with an  appropriate flash lamp used in ND-YAG/ND-Glass laser systems and optical pumping established at 10  Joules/pulse at 100 PPS. The input pumping energy is typical of a designator class of laser  systems.

This development is particularly significant from the viewpoint that  non-lethal class of laser weapons including EOCM class of lasers, which are invariably going to  be high energy pulsed solid state lasers, are projected to proliferate in the future battlefields. With this development, LASTEC has not only established core competence in developing compact  electronics packages for high energy pulsed solid state laser of the non-lethal laser weapon  category but has also established capability to develop 100 PPS class laser designators. The electronics packages of such systems, the charging unit being the heart of the system,  predominantly govern the size, weight, and efficiency of the overall systems. Shri AK Maini, Sci F, is  the inventor of this patent application (No1599 /DEL /97).