Ion Chromatography System (DIONEX 500)

The High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL) , Pune, has installed an ion chromatography 101.jpg (29083 bytes)system (DIONEX 500) for chemical analysis of anions, cations and  transition metal elements.  This technique separates out the ions or charged molecules using ion exchange columns and ionic elements and detects the separated ions by a suitable detector. The DIONEX 500 is an integrated, high speed liquid chromatography system that simplifies system configuration for any ion chromatography. Pumps, detectors and chromato, graphic modules are engineered to function as a fully integrated system. The technique is applicable for quantitative estimation of anions, cations and transition metals from ingredients used in different propellant compositions.

Ion chromatography is based on the differential affinity of ions for stationary phase. The rate of migration of the ion through the column is directly dependent upon the type and concentration of ions that comprise the eluent. All analyses employing conductivity detection with ion pac exchange columns are optimised with a self, regenerating suppressor (SRS). The SRS utilises auto,suppression technology to enhance the analyte conductivity. The hydronium and hydroxide ions required to neutralise the eluent are produced by electrolytes of water within the SRS. The two versions used are: ASRS for determination of anions and CSRS for determination of cations.

The guard columns are used for removal of anion, cation and transition metal contaminants from sample  matrices and in the neutralisation of highly acidic samples. Two types of detectors are used for the chemical analysis. The electrochemical detector is used for detection of anions and cations. It combines conductivity, integrated and DC amperometry, cyclic voltametry, pH and temperature measurements. AD20,UV NIS absorbance detector features programmable wavelength selection and automatic calibration. This detector is used for detection of transition metals.