Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE), Bangalore, has commissioned a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality (VR) Centre at its Computer Aided Design division. The setup includes the roof-mounted high frequency, high-resolution display system, and the high-end multi processor workstation with high performance graphics pipe. The LCD stereo shutter glass worn by the viewer is synchronized to the infrared emitters mounted on top of the display screen. The large 3D viewing area of I0'X8', along with the high quality digital sound, puts the viewer in a highly immersive virtual environment. The display system is also connected to other high-end machines through a remote controlled video data selector.

Shri M Natarajan visualising Kaveri engine at the Virtual Reality Centre

This facility enhances the designer's understanding through realistic 3D visualisation using active or passive stereovision. The infrastructure is extensively used for interference studies, virtual assembly, walkthrough, flythrough, etc. of Kaveri engine. Through this facility, design errors can be anticipated well in advance, which leads to considerable reduction in design iteration time.

This virtual reality centre serves also as a common platform for technical experts from design, analysis, manufacturing, and physical assembly to communicate their ideas and arrive at an effective solutions for intricate design issues. In addition to the sophisticated hardware, VR centre is equipped with a variety of CAD and VR software, including the in- house developed Vismaya.