Czochralski Crystal Growth System

Laser Science & Technology Centre (LASTEC), Delhi, has installed and commissioned a fully computerised state-of-the-art Czochralski Crystal Growth System. The operation of the system as well as crystal growth parameters such as the diameter , length, shape, and power are to be programmed and controlled through a computer. This system is capable of growing high melting oxide crystals viz., garnets, vanadates, molybdates, and tungstates, etc It is also equipped with in-situ poling system required in case of ferroelectric crystals.

Optical quality crystals with very low defect density and dia up to 5 cm can be grown with the help of this equipment. The system has been successfully used for the growth Nd:YAG Laser Crystals of 3 cm dia & 4.2 cm length and 2 cm dia & 8.7 cm length. This is an important step towards attaining total indigenous capability in the area of solid state lasers.