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Power Ramming System for
155/130 mm Up Gun


      Power Rammer mounted on the trail ready to ram a projectile

Proof & Experimental Establishment (PXE), Chandipur, has designed and developed a Power Ramming System for 155/130 mm Up Gun. Ramming is the process in which prior to firing, a projectile is positioned in the shot seating position of a gun chamber. In the conventional method, the projectile is pushed manually from the back with the help of a wooden rammer rod. This process cannot ensure identical and quantifiable ramming force for each round in a series. Variation in ramming force can introduce random variations in internal ballistic performance of ammunition.

The newly developed system permanently mounted on the trail of the gun overcomes all the shortcomings of manual ramming. It occupies very less space, ensures uniform ramming force for all the rounds and is a great boon to the gunners. There is a provision in the system to increase or decrease the ramming force by varying the air pressure that drives the mechanical rammer.