Dr V K Aatre, SA to RM

The year 2003 was a momentous year for DRDO with all round achievements. The crowning glory of the year was once again LCA with Honourable Pradhan Mantri Ji naming it "TEJAS" in a glittering ceremony. BRAHMOS spearheaded the grand success of Missile Programme, with NAG and AKASH closely following it with their almost conclusive flights. PINAKA and Bridging Systems brought accolades to the Armaments and Combat Engineering community. Life Sciences and Materials Laboratories continued their good work in supporting “Men behind the Machines". The success of EW, Radars and Naval Programme has brought cheers to the Electronics and Naval Group of Laboratories.

All in all, it was a wonderful year and my Congratulations and Thanks to you all. Let us rededicate ourselves for making 2004 a memorable year in the history of DRDO.

I thank DRDO family for their commitment and outstanding contributions for this year 2003 and wish all of you and your family a wonderful 2004.
  Dr VK Aatre
Scientific Adviser to Raksha Mantri