Man power Devlopment Activities

Continuing Education Programme

CVRDE, Avadi
Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment (CVRDE), Avadi, organised a course on Theory of Vibrations and Vehicles Dynamics during 13-17 October 2003. The focus of the course was on the fundamental theory behind vibration and vibration measurement besides an exposure on vibration analysis case studies and principles and procedure of vehicle dynamics.

DL, Jodhpur
Defence Laboratory (DL), Jodhpur, organised a course on RaDIATion Dosimetry during 13-17 October 2003. Dr MP Chacharkar, Offg Director, DL (J) inaugurated the course.

DFRL, Mysore
Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL), Mysore, organised a course on Recent Developments in Meat Science and Technology during 10-14 November 2003. Dr Sushil Kumar, Asst Director General, ICAR, New Delhi inaugurated the course. Dr AS Bawa, Director, DFRL presided over the function. Dr ML Pandey proposed the vote of thanks.

DRDE, Gwalior
Defence Research & Development Establishment (DRDE), Gwalior, organised a course on Recombinant DNA Technology and Molecular Detection Techniques during 5-10 November 2003. The course was inaugurated by renowned molecular biologist, Dr SE Hasnain, Director, Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD), Hyderabad.

DRDL, Hyderabad
Defence Research & Development Laboratory (DRDL), Hyderabad, organised a course on Aerodynamic Design ACE-AERO-2003 during 27-31 October 2003. Dr S Panneerselvam, Sci G, Technology Director (Aerodynamics) was the Course Director and Shri A S Narayana, Sci G was the Course Coordinator.

INS Shivaji, Lonavla
Naval College of Engineering (NCE), INS Shivaji, Lonavla, organised a course on Piping Engineering during 19-26 November 2003. Professor AS Moharir, CAD Centre, IITB, Mumbai; Lt Cdr Tripesh Gupta and Lt Cdr S Chaudhary, NCE coordinated the course.

R&DE (Engrs), Pune
Research & Development Establishment (R&DE) (Engrs), Pune, organised a course on Electronic Data Security during 10-14 November. The aim of the course was to make the participants aware of the pitfalls and issues in the protection of electronic data. The topics covered included: public key infrastructure, cryptography, wireless security, fault tolerance, firewall, biometrics, e-commerce security, and computer viruses.

Other Courses /Conferences /Seminars

DRDL, Hyderabad
Defence Research & Development Laboratory (DRDL), Hyderabad, organised a two-day training programme on Orientation for a Retired Life-Challenges and Opportunities during 6-7 November 2003 for the benefit of retiring employees. The programme aimed at understanding the challenges of retired life.

INMAS, Delhi
Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences (INMAS), Delhi, organised the 24th Annual Conference of Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists during 2-4 November 2003. The conference was preceded by one-day Dr Saradhasubramaniam Memorial Workshop on 1 November 2003 where the participants were briefed about the role of Radiotracers in Research and Diagnosis.

Maj Gen T Ravindranath, Director, INMAS and Chairman, Organising Committee, IABMS-2003, welcomed the delegates. Dr SP Thyagrajan, Vice Chancellor, Madras University released the Souvenir.

RCI, Hyderabad
Research Centre Imarat (RCI), Hyderabad, organised a two-day training programme on Software Capability Maturity Model (S/w CMM) during 20-21 October 2003. Forty-five scientists of RCI involved in software project management and software development, participated in the training programme.

RCI, Hyderabad, also organised a workshop on Vibration Isolators for Electronic Packages during 21-22 November 2003.

RCMA Conference
The 5th RCMA Conference was organised at Regional Centre for Military Airworthiness (RCMA), Nasik, during 10-11 November 2003. Shri JK Sharma, CE(A), CEMILAC chaired the conference. RCMAs interrelated issues were addressed during the conference.