N  E  W  S   L  E  T  T  E  R

Dr VK AatreThe year 2002 saw many successes both in technological and organisational fronts. Pinaka and Nishant successfully completed the user trials and we are on the threshold of receiving orders. LCA -TD2 took to the sky and has completed 46 flights in all. Several of the electronic surveillance systems and naval systems are at various stages of completion. Our soft system laboratories-Materials, Life Sciences and Agricultural-continue to provide excellent services to the Armed Forces. Corporate Reviews, G-Fast, DRONA and DATE have all found their right places in our Organisation. RAC and PEACE are at full steam and our recruitment of scientists is yielding excellent inputs to our laboratories.

All these achievements in the implementation year could not have been achieved without the dedicated work of you all and without good synergy between the headquarters and the laboratories.

While thanking you all on all these achievements during the year 2002 and wishing the entire DRDO family 'Happy & Prosperous 2003', I do believe that DRDO is set for greater successes and achievements during the coming year. This is a challenge in which we are bound to succeed.

With best wishes;


Dr VK Aatre
Scientific Advisor to Raksha Mantri