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CEP Courses

RCMA, Kanpur

Under the continuing education programme {CEP) of DRDO, the Regional Centre for Military Airworthiness {RCMA), Kanpur, organised a course on Airworthiness during 18-29 September 2000. Twenty-eight participants from various DRDO labs/estts, Navy, Directorate General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance and Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, attended the course. Shri K Nagraj, Chief Executive {A/W), CEMlLAC, Bangalore, inaugurated the course. The topics covered during the course were: Airworthiness and certification of aerospace materials. A/C structures, aero engines, A/ C electrical systems, avionics systems, etc. The faculty was drawn from lIT, CEMlLAC, RCMAs, DMSRDE, and industry. Prof GN Mathur, Director, DMSRDE, was the chief guest for the valedictory function and distributed course certificates to the participants. Shri RC Sharma, Sci F, RCMA, was the Course Director.

sspl, Delhi

The Solid State Physics Laboratory (sspl), Delhi, organised a course on Basic of Workshop Practice during 13-17 November 2000. Thirteen participants from various DRDO labs/estts attended the course. Shri HL Chhatwal, Associate Director, gave the inaugural lecture. The topics covered during the course were: Engineering drawing and blue print reading, introduction to conventional machining methods, system of limits and fits and super finishing processing, tool material and tool geometry, fundamentals of CNX/NC/CAM, surface measurement and its methodology, engineering materials, non-conventional method of machining, welding technology, introduction to ISO 9000, CAD, CAM, CAE, recent trends in manufacturing technology, and leadership and self-development.

ITM, Mussoorie

The Institute of Technology Management (ITM), Mussoorie, conducted a course on Programme Management during 3-13 October 2000. Twenty-four participants from various labs/estts attended this course. Brig (Dr) RC Pathak, Director, lTM, Mussoorie, inaugurated  the course, while Maj Gen (Retd.) RC Suri, Ex-Director, ITM, delivered the valedictory address.

ITM also conducted courses on Creativity and Innovation Management during 11-22 September 2000; Applied Behavioural Sciences during 16-27 October 2000; and IT Management with Reference to Management Support Systems during 13-24 November 2000.

Higher Qualifications Achieved

Shri RVS Nagesh, Sci D, Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL), Hyderabad, has been awARDEd PhD for his thesis titled Studies on the Kroll Process for Production of Titanium Sponge by the Indian Institute of Technology (lIT), Mumbai.

Shri G Balachandran, Sci D, DMRL, has been awARDEd PhD for his thesis titled Studies on Processing and Structure Property Correlation in 18% Cr-18% Mn Ni-Free High Nitrogen Austenitio Stainless Steel by the Indian Institute of Technology (lIT) , Mumbai.