Air Marshal AK Nagalia being briefed by
 Shri K Ramachandran about Cognitive test 

         Air Marshal AK Nagalia Testing
             psychomotor test of CPSS


            Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR), Delhi; and Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE), Bangalore, in coordination with the Indian Air Force have developed an integrated new age Computerised Pilot Selection System (CPSS) for the Indian Air Force. DIPR has developed the Application Software for Cognitive and Psychomotor Tests while ADE has developed the Customised Hardware for the System. This system has been handed over to No.2, Air Force Selection Board, Mysore for field trials and evaluation.

The existing pilot selection system focuses on the few aspects of psychomotor skills of the future pilot, which emphasizes on the eye-hand-leg coordination


Shri MD Aravamudhan presenting the model of CPSS to Air Marshal Nagalia in presence of Dr Selvamurthy, CC R&D(LS & HR)

that was adequate for the old generation aircraft. With a number of new high-tech aircraft being inducted into the Air Force, there is a paradigm shift in piloting aircraft as well. In addition to the flying skills, pilot tends to become systems manager controlling various functions of the aircraft systems. He is required to correctly perceive the information presented to him through various displays and instruments from a number of sensors located in the aircraft. Hence the concept of military flying has changed and the pilot has a major role of complicated weapon system management over and above the basic flying task.

With the addition and advancement of avionics and weapon delivery systems, handling emergencies and combat operations make severe demands on the pilots. Thus, it became important to look for a new paradigm in pilot selection system to select future generation combat pilots by evaluating the candidates' psychomotor skills along with cognitive information processing skills. It is also very important to choose the right candidate for flying as one cannot afford to have too many rejections in the expensive ab-initio flying training and at the same time cannot afford to miss out potential candidates.

The test software with psychomotor and cognitive tests comprehensively evaluates the qualities required for the military pilots such as psychomotor skills, information processing skills (speed and accuracy), coordination, visualisation, time-sharing, etc by subjecting the candidates to perform concurrent multiple tasks.

ADE, Bangalore has developed the hardware for CPSS system using indigenous technology used in aircraft flight simulators. The system uses state-of-the-art embedded system using micro controller and security built to prevent unauthorised usage. The system captures accurate, reliable and high-speed data relating to the skills of a candidate appearing for pilot selection. The system has been designed with built-in diagnostic facilities for ease of maintenance. The software is able to cope up with the problems of power failure, etc.