Laser Science & Technology Center (LASTEC), Delhi, has developed a unique device called PRF-Code Decoder for Decoding the Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) Codes of Laser Target Designators (LTD). It is a completely non-intrusive device that allows the user to decode the PRF codes programmed in battlefield laser target designators intended for laser guided munition delivery. Knowledge of the PRF codes programmed into the LTD and their periodic validation is highly significant for successful delivery of the guided munition on to the target and it is essential that the selected PRF code on the LTD matches with the code set in the seeker head.

The device can decode non-intrusively PRF values in 5-100 Hz range with a time-interval accuracy of more than 1 micro-second. The sensor head of the device needs to be exposed to laser raDIATion for less than a second to give a direct reading display of the operating PRF code. It also has an in-built memory of storing up to 100 PRF codes. The device is so designed that it need not be precisely aligned with the source of raDIATion to make the measurement. Simple positioning of the sensor in front of the raDIATion source is adequate for the purpose. The device is completely indigenous in both design concept and its implementation. The device including its battery pack weighs only 3.75 kg.