New Test Facility

Test Facility for Stabilised Sighting Systems

The state-of-art Test Facility for Testing Line-of-Sight Stabilised Sighting Systems has been established at the Instruments Research & Development Establishment (IRDE), Dehra Dun. The facility was inaugurated by Shri VP Sandlas, Distinguished Scientist and CC R&D (ECS) on 24 December 2002. A vital part of Fire Control & Surveillance Systems, Stablised Sighting Systems have a number of  algorithms and control loops which are required to be tested and tuned for various parameters. With the establishment of this facility at IRDE, various control loops and algorithms can be fine-tuned between -20 C to +70 C under different operating conditions. Gyroscopes can also be tested with this facility. The facility can also be used for subjecting non-optical systems like Radars, etc. to the disturbance spectrum of weapon platforms, and testing their performance.

The facility consists of a 3-axis motion simulator, a temperature chamber, and an electronic auto-collimator. It can take up the payloads of 100 kg, 1000 mm height and 700 mm dia. The motion simulator is anchored on a specially designed mono-block RCC foundation of 8 m x 5.5 m x 0.8m which is separated from the ground using a thick sheet of neoprene. The auto-collimator measures the line of sight position by means of a quadrant detector. The output of the quadrant detector is processed to provide x-y coordinates. Sighting systems developed at IRDE for ALH- Nag and naval platforms are being tested with this facility, and testing of production lots of Commander's Panoramic Sight for MBT Arjun have been planned. ADE, Bangalore and ADRDE, Agra have already shown interest for testing their pay loads with this facility.

Patent Granted

Patent Granted A Patent submitted by Dr Abhijit Dutta, Sci F, Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL), Hyderabad entitled, A Process for Preparation of Titanium Alloys for use for Superplastic Formings has been granted by the Indian Patent Office, New Delhi.