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New Software Package for EW Applications

The Centre for Aeronautical Systems Studies & Analyses (CASSA), Bangalore, has developed an integrated Software Package called Simulation Modelling and EW System for Evaluation and Testing (SIMEET-SUITE)

The software has been developed for the user Laboratory for reducing time in development of new EW systems, predicting performance of new system designs under any operational conditions, and supporting design team with a software tool for design trade-off and performance analysis.

The software SIMEET-SUITE would be useful for:

a) Design trade-off studies on ESM systems, both broad band and super heterodyne receivers,
b) Performance evaluation of ESM systems in the form of range advantage factors against different radar systems (ground based/airborne/missile borne) under any selected environment, and
c) Systems study and analysis of the efficacy of various de-interleaving algorithms under multi-emitter scenario.

Scan analysis algorithm which helps in classifying the emitter scan types (circular, sector, lock on, exotic) has been added to the software. The software has been developed using Microsoft Visual C ++ 6.0.

Special Features of SIMEET-SUITE

  • Emitter design and ESM design details

  • The operational environment details

  • Azimath and elevation based multi-path propagation

  • Emitter antenna pattern modulation of the pulses received at ESM

  • Different ESM antenna patterns

  • Multiple emitter scenario

  • Pulse-on pulse logics

  • Different emitter scan types

  • Emitter PRI types

  • Emitter frequency agile types

  • Different ESM processing algorithms in order to bring out the performance of wide band and super-heterodyne ESM systems

Defence Planning Game Software

CASSA, has also developed Defence Planning Game Software for conducting the Defence Planning Game at College of Defence Management, (CDM), Secunderabad. This software was utilised for conducting the game during 13-20 December 2001.

Six syndicates of 12 officers each from the three services were formed to play the game using this software. CASSA scientist and about 12 directing staff of CDM supervised the proceedings of the game. The software met almost all user requirements and the syndicates were able to complete the game within the stipulated time. The planning game software developed in Microsoft Access-97 under Windows 98, is one of user oriented software developed by CASSA. It consists of about 40 tables and 50 user-friendly forms. This software was installed on 18 Pentium III computers for conducting the game.