Kaveri Digital Engine Control Unit

The Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE), Bangalore, has developed Digital Engine Kaveri Digital Engine Control UnitControl Unit (KADECU) for Kaveri engine. The unit has fault tolerance with dual redundant configuration over operating range of the entire engine. The control unit has independent sensors for acquiring state of the engine and its feedback. One control unit performs all the control functions, while the other unit acts as a stand-by. The engineering of KADECU is challenging so as to meet hostile environmental conditions prevalent on engine casing in the engine bay. Chassis of this unit is designed to withstand high 'g' levels while maintaining fuel cooling. Multi-layer PCB with surface-mount technology is used to pack electronic components into available space for maintaining low weight,

A thermal plane in PCB allows heat dissipation of the unit. Field-programmable gate arrays are used in processing circuits to keep size and weight under control. With the use of electronics design automaton (EDA) software, the turn-around time of circuits is reduced. With increasing non-availability of MIL grade components, efforts were made to use commercial off-the-shelf components without compromising on quality. Real-time, embedded, safety-critical software has been designed and developed as per DOD STD-2167A to meet control laws by employing software engineering techniques. Computer-aided software engineering tools were used during development of KADECU software including testing configuration management. Independent verification and validation have been carried out for the embedded software.