Hypersonic Wind Tunnel Facility

The Laser Science & Technology Centre (LASTEC), Delhi, has set up an experimentalA view of the wind tunnel hypersonic wind tunnel
facility that can be made available for experimental work to academic and research establishments. The facility comprises a pebble bed heater, high pressure air storage vessel, reciprocating compressors, vacuum dump, supersonic nozzle, test section, diffuser, etc. The tunnel is equipped with the data acquisition system for static pressure, total pressure and temperature measurements.

The specifications of the wind tunnel are:

Run time 60 s
Mach number  Upto 7.5
Stagnation pressure Up to 30 kg/cm
Stagnation temperature Up to 800 K
Mass flow rate 0.8 kg/s
Storage vessel size 5 cu.m at 70 atm.P
Test section 253 mm x 27mm