The Defence Laboratory (DL), Jodhpur, organised the eighth Prof DS Kothari Memorial Oration on 17 August 2000 in memory of the great scientist, real philosopher, renowned author and a remarkable human being who spoke the languages of modern physics and ancient Upanishads with equal profundity and grace. The oration was delivered by Prof MGK Menon, former Minister for S&T and SA to RM. Prof LS Kothari, the eldest son of Prof DS Kothari delivered the Presidential Address. While paying tribute to the legendary scientist, the letters of Albert Einstein and other eminent scientists addressed to Dr DS Kothari were projected. On this occasion, the eighth Prof DS Kothari Memorial Oration Award was presented to Prof Menon for his outstanding research contribution in the field of cosmic rays and particle physics.

Shri Gurumukh Singh Khalsa, Sci E, DL, also received the Foundation Day Award from Prof Menon for his meritorious contribution in erecting, commissioning, maintenance and efficient running of Raksha Anusandhan Avam Vikas lrraDIATior {RAVI) and design and ill fabrication of high performance solar gadgets for the extreme cold climate of Leh and Ladakh.