It is indeed a pleasure to bring out this Special Issue of DRDO Newsletter commensurating 25 glorious years of its existence. With a humble beginning in 1981, the Newsletter has undergone many changes in terms of quality and contents and with time has grown from a four-paged black and white bi-monthly publication to today's monthly, eight-paged, multicolour publication supported by dedicated professional team efforts.

DRDO Newsletter, the in-house bulletin of DRDO acts as an important communication link among DRDO family members. It binds them together by way of making them aware of the multifaceted activities of DRDO labs/estts. Be it DRDO developments, test facilities, HRDP activities, VIP visits, personnel news or cultural/welfare activities, DRDO Newsletter acts as a channel of dissemination of information for the people within and outside the organisation.
The forthcoming period will see further expansion of our major initiatives and beginning of new efforts towards bringing out a more professional Newsletter composed of balanced and qualitative contents.

I congratulate the DRDO Newsletter Team and wish them success in years to come under the enlightened vision and guidance of top management of DRDO as our leading light.