of Imaging Infrared and Signal Processing (DIIRSP),
RCI, Hyderabad.



LRDE, Bangalore


Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA in 1985. He has been involved with the development of light alloy cast and wrought products. His early research on the development of AI-Li alloys resulted in applications in



Electronics & Radar Development Establishment (LRDE), Bangalore, in 1978 and has been working in the areas of radar signal processing and radar systems engineering. He has been a member of the design and development team for Indra-l, Indra-ll (PC) and BFSR- SR Radar Systems.





INSATII programme.

At present, he heads the Light Alloy Casting Group and the Informatics and Documentation Division at DMRL. He is leading a project on the establishment of advanced solidification processes for the development of novel cast products such as closed cell foams and mould-less casting.

He is recipient of the Weldman of the Year Award-2002; Metallurgist of the Year Award-2000; DM Panthaki Award-1999; NRDC Award-1994 and Binani Gold Medal-1993. He has about 80 publications to his credit. He is a life member of the Indian Institute of Metals, and Materials Research Society of India.






RCI, Hyderabad


He incorporated Digital Pulse Compression Technology in Indra-ll (PC) and BFSR-SR Systems saving valuable foreign exchange. He successfully led the effort in the realization of a state-of-the-art FPGA-based single board radar signal processor for BFSR-SR consuming very low power, which has been a technological breakthrough in DRDO.

He is a recipient of the DRDO Technology Group Award-1995 and 2001; IETE-IRSI (83) Award-1996-97; and Agni Award for Excellence in Self-reliance-2002. He has 18 technical papers to his credit.


Dr Sitaram Balakrishna Gadgil

holds a PhD in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He joined DRDL, Hyderabad in November 1981 as Sci B. He has worked on the


Dr DC Pande obtained his BSc and MSc in Electronics from Garhwal University in 1974 and 1976, respectively. He did his PhD in 1982 from Allahabad University. Since November 1981, he is with LRDE,

design and development of electro-optical sensors, seekers and tracking systems. His major technical achievements include the design, realization and flight-testing of a TV/IR gathering system for TrishuZ-surface-to-air-missile system; and design, development,evaluation and flight testing of CCD and IIR seekers for the Nag-third generation anti-tank missile system. He has contributed in establishing of an Infrared Focal Plane Array (IRFP A) operation and testing facility for the IIR seeker development programme. He was awARDEd the Agni Award for Excellence in Self-reliance-2002 as team member.
Currently, he is Technology Director, Directorate

where he is involved in design and development of Electromagnetic Interference Control Techniques for Ground based, Airborne and Ship-borne equipment and systems. He has taught the subject of EMI/ EMC/ EMP/ ESD/ HPM/ lightning allover the country both to Defence and Civilians.

He is the Vice-Chairman and a founder life member

DRDO Newsletter August 2004